Press Excerpts & Highlights


A look at some of the reviews from past plays and productions.

Suddenly Last Summer: Staged Reading (2016)

"Adam La Faci as Dr. Cukrowicz gave his all in a part that is very difficult to animate with emotion for this character is written in such a stolid manner. Credit must be given to La Faci who managed to imbue the part of the concerned Doctor with more real feeling than even poor Montgomery Clift could in the film. La Faci was very commanding in the scenes where he was called upon to be alternately patient and pensive."

- David Friscic, DC Metro Theater Arts

North to Maine (2013)

Adam La Faci plays "Creature Man, a caustic but likable loner with secrets that are really tough to uncover... All five characters are rich, highly individual creations, brought vividly to life by the actors. All bring energy, insight, and deep humanity to their work here, and... create as seamless and satisfying an ensemble as any you're likely to see on stage right now." -

The City That Cried Wolf (2007)

“In this age of “Shrek” and “Enchanted” comes “The City That Cried Wolf,” a theatrical take on fairy tales that conjures its own magic.” and “Mr. La Faci, who is in almost every scene providing the requisite voice-over, demonstrates remarkable stamina” - Andy Webster, The New York Times


 “La Faci has the stoic mannerisms, deep voice, and rugged good looks of a classic noir detective” - Dan Bacalzo, TheaterMania

Mrs. Mayfield's Fifth Grade Class of '93
20-Year Reunion (2015)

"There is much more I could say, about how incredible (and incredibly dedicated) each performer is with the specificity of their character (the strange and welcoming sensitivity of Adam La Faci's Jason)... the point is, this brilliant ensemble has crafted one of the more interesting, and certainly the most moving of house parties that I have ever been to." -


"Sweet and boisterous" and "The show can’t boast the square footage or the design budget or the top-shelf liquor of an extravaganza like “Sleep No More,” but “Mrs. Mayfield’s” still feels like an adventure and an event... And a lot of fun, too." - Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse (2013)

"It is my great pleasure to report that Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse is as good as its name. It is a wonderful, clever, action-packed play with a heck of a lot of heart and chock full of a dizzying amount of talent."


The City That Cried Wolf (2006)

“Adam La Faci is inspired as Jack” and “I was thoroughly enchanted by The City That Cried Wolf and its clever, crooked, dirty little world.” - Josephine Cashman,


“We have Adam La Faci as the cool and charismatic private detective, Jack B. Nimble. As the narrator he guides us through this tangle with unshakeable composure.” - Ronald K. Baker,