Sold Out, Extended, and Sold Out again! - Mrs. Mayfield's Fifth Grade Class of '93 20-Year R

Four day's before our opening performance, Mrs. Mayfield's sold out the entire run. We were granted an extension the next day and the night before we opened, the extension sold out as well!

This interactive, immersive play is a thrilling and challenging one-of-a-kind experience as an actor. Audiences are having a blast and so are we. This has been my first opportunity to work on a full production with the massively talented playwright/producer Mariah MacCarthy and I'm equally excited to be reunited with the director Leta Tremblay in this Caps Lock Theatre production. I can't rave enough about the talent of my fellow actors, many of whom I have admired in the indie theater world for years now.

mayfield students.jpg

#theater #mayfield93

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