Billy Baal - Workshop with Kid Brooklyn Productions

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll saturate the world of Billy Baal. After a week of exploring the script as the title character, I hope to work with this incredible talented cast and production team again. The script (adapted seamlessly by J. Stephen Brantley) is based on Brecht’s first play Baal, though in this version, the story has evolved into a 60’s rock-star relationship loosely based off Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac and his bandmate Stevie Nicks. This weeklong workshop was run by Evan Caccioppoli(of Kid Brooklyn Productions) as if it were the first week of rehearsals, with sparing table work, lots of “on our feet time”, and some incredibly challenging and empowering choreography with David Anzuelo of Unkle Dave’s Fight House (David recently worked on the Tony nominated An American in Paris on Broadway). This sexy piece is poetic and dripping with pain and the desire for deep connection. A must see when it reaches the stage!

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